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Archive for July, 2009

How to Change Product Model Length
The default 12 character limit for product model strings may be too short for certain needs, and can be easily increased with phpMyAdmin or directly with MySQL.

Two database tables need to be modified when changing the length of the product model
field: products, and orders_products.

Using phpMyAdmin

Select the products table on the left side of phpMyAdmin
Select the product_model check box
Click on the Change button
Set the new size value under the Length/Values field, and click on the Save button. The same steps need to be reproduced for the orders_products table.

Using MySQL
alter table products change products_model products_model varchar(255);
alter table orders_products change products_model products_model varchar(255);

There has been a recent increase of attacks on osCommerce websites using old versions.

Hackers exploit a vulnerability that is usually used for uploading product pictures to the /images directory.

Php files are uploaded in the images directory and executed.

CUstomer and order details are displayed and also emailed to the hackers email address.

Sometimes traces are left by the hacker.
PHP files show up in the images directory (though sometimes they’re deleted after being run).

Gengerally, the following code iframe is added to every product_description and categories_description

We have a process to clean up the database and clean up the images directory

150 USD