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Archive for March, 2010


this is a great contribution for adding products to the shopping cart for customers.

along with onepagecheckout – this can be used for a better customer experience in a oscommerce store.

for demo pls email us

This is a known bug in the latest osCommerce 060817 release and has to do with the modules not refreshing with udated changes in the admin.

This fix has worked for several users:
1. Open the catalog/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php.
2. At the end of the “do_magic_quotes_gpc” routine, add the following code


It will end up looking like this:

function do_magic_quotes_gpc(&$ar) {
if (!is_array($ar)) return false;
while (list($key, $value) = each($ar)) {
if (is_array($ar[$key])) {
} else {
$ar[$key] = addslashes($value);

3. Do the same for the compatibility.php file located in catalog/includes/functions/compatibility.php.

This means that the function is not defined in the store files or is defined by the store is not getting the file loaded.

this happens in badly customized templates of oscommerce.

quick fix is to delete the functions in the language files in english.php, german.php etc and then define the function in includes/functions/general.php so that is loads all the time irrespective of the language file selected.

If you need support in fixing it you can use the contact us form to get in touch with us.