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Archive for November, 2010

osCommerce V&TS is designed to run on your web server and scan your public web files for malicious code. It is small, portable and efficient, uses minimal server resources, and provides a full report on what has been discovered.

It is a great contribution to protect your store.

We are happy to announce our upgrade services of oscommerce based stores to version 2.3

Upgrading oscommerce-2.2rc2a to oscommerce 2.3 version
Order now –

250 USD

This includes upgrading core oscommerce files of oscommerce version 2.2rc2a to 2.3 and does not include any old versions or custom features like

upgrade from version 2.2 or older versions to 2.3
upgrade of contributions or custom features to work with 2.3

Please use the contact form to get quotes for upgrading custom stores to 2.3 version which includes contributions and custom features

New features in this release include:

* Modular Action Recorders to log and limit certain functions, including:
o Administration Tool login attempts
o Tell A Friend e-mails
o Contact Us e-mails
* Security Directory Permissions for the Administration Tool shows which directories are writable
* Version Checker for the Administration Tool to check for new versions
* Modular Social Bookmarks to share products on social sites, including:
o Facebook and Facebook Like
o Twitter and Twitter Button
o Google Buzz
o Digg
* PayPal Express Checkout pre-configured for new store owners
* Guest orders through PayPal Express Checkout
* Modular Header Tags for optimizations, including:
o Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking
o MailChimp E-Commerce 360
o OpenSearch
* New separated XHTML/CSS based template
* jQuery UI design
* 960 Grid System CSS Framework
* Password hashing algorithm changed to Portable PHP hashing for customer and administrator passwords
* Security Check modules for add-ons to check on server requirements
* Administration Tool Dashboard widgets, including new charts
* Modular Boxes to inject content anywhere in the HTML layout
* Multiple Product Images with large images and HTML content for Flash videos
* New Payment Modules, including:
o PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout
o Moneybookers
o Sage Pay