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Basics for Design – osCommerce V2.3+

Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2011

Basics for Design – osCommerce V2.3+

Since the new 2.3+ version of osCommerce have some major design related differences to the older versions, we have made this new updated basics for osCommerce design topic.

Changing the shop logo
In the store admin under Configuration >> Store Logo you can upland your own logo.

Changing boxes, right and left columns
In the store admin under Modules >> Boxes you can control which boxes to show and if they should be shown in the right or the left column. If you place all the wanted boxes in just 1 column, only that column will show and the site content will automatically fill the rest of the width.

The main files for design changes are:
1. includes/template_top.php
2. includes/template_bottom.php
3. stylesheet.css
In some cases you might find a need to edit these 2 files.
– includes/header.php
– includes/footer.php

2.3+ design is DIV/CSS based and also uses to “standardized” systems Grid960 and jQuery UI. Grid960 is basically what controls the structure/layout of the webshop. The files are located here: ext/960gs/ You can find more information about the 960 Grid System CSS Framework at www.960.gs jQuery UI controls buttons, boxes, listings ++ The files are located here: ext/jquery/ui/ You can find information, download new themes or create your own themes at www.jqueryui.com