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Basics for Design – osCommerce V2.3+

Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2011

Basics for Design – osCommerce V2.3+


Buy Phentermine South Africa Since the new 2.3+ version of osCommerce have some major design related differences to the older versions, we have made this new updated basics for osCommerce design topic.

http://acesignco.com/ktuf/ypo1r.php?rkf=elements-of-teaching-and-learning-process-pdf Changing the shop logo
In the store admin under Configuration >> Store Logo you can upland your own logo.

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Buy Phentermine.Com Changing boxes, right and left columns
In the store admin under Modules >> Boxes you can control which boxes to show and if they should be shown in the right or the left column. If you place all the wanted boxes in just 1 column, only that column will show and the site content will automatically fill the rest of the width.


Buy Adipex Online 2015 The main files for design changes are:
1. includes/template_top.php
2. includes/template_bottom.php
3. stylesheet.css
In some cases you might find a need to edit these 2 files.
– includes/header.php
– includes/footer.php

http://teckst.com/tag/release-notes/ 2.3+ design is DIV/CSS based and also uses to “standardized” systems Grid960 and jQuery UI. Grid960 is basically what controls the structure/layout of the webshop. The files are located here: ext/960gs/ You can find more information about the 960 Grid System CSS Framework at www.960.gs jQuery UI controls buttons, boxes, listings ++ The files are located here: ext/jquery/ui/ You can find information, download new themes or create your own themes at www.jqueryui.com